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June 26, 2019

wacy photoShop: ecg

Hi. You may know me from all those "elphotoShop: Wacy" features. Now, for some insane reason, Aaron has granted me a space on this page to post my revenge, as it were. What a nice guy!

(DISCLAIMER: Aaron is not as photogenic as I am, so these photoshops might not be on the same level as his. Deal with it!)

Winners:  Best Rock Album 1974
First off, I stole Aaron's GARVIS picture and just tested out my skills. I was learning!

Getting in touch with nature!
Next, I explored Aaron's hidden love of The Sound of Music. It's a film classic, people!

An E! Fashion hit, for sure!
Aaron can really be a diva sometimes. What a dog! And check out the animal he's holding!

Nice Afro!
What sexiness! What style! What a lack of clothing!

He's got his Slant Pipe!
I mean, sure, I get busted on sometimes for being an emofag. And if Weezer is emo, then I'm guilty as charged. But you can't tell me that Aaron doesn't go home at night, put on a sweater, light some candles, and rock out to Thursday. The proof is in the pudding, people! Pun intended!

What an animal!
And who wouldn't want to save one of these guys from the pound? Anyone? Anyone?...

Make a wish, bitch!
Well, I bet he's a better actor than Shaq!

You saw it coming.
And, like Aaron says, no photoshop is complete without this picture. Gotta love the old classics!

Ah, that felt good. I would like to thank Aaron for giving me this space on his page to post pictures of his face attached to other pictures. Well, I would like to, but that guy did it to me THREE times! So forget that!

Until next time, this is Wacy, and I love you all!