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June 26, 2019

elphotoShop: Wacy TEH SEUQAL!!!

You remember the last time I put wacy through PhotoShop, don't you? Well, it just so happens that I've got a new picture of him, and it just seems right that I give it similar treatment. Giddyup!

Here's some hot hot original. What a paragon of sexy!
Hello!  You may remember me from your dreams!

That face is so kissable! Let 'er rip!
That's some kind of long tongue!

It's an old classic, as Davin gets a face full of wacy
Give me hot sweaty man-love!

See wacy like you've never seen him before! Please avoid looking at the reflection! It's all right, I assure you!
PhotoShopping a PhotoShop is SO cool!

I knew all that porn spam would come in handy. I just never imagined it would be like this:
Give this man a tissue!

Wacyfish is immortalized in this limited edition collector's item. I'm buying 5,000!
That's some nice camel toe right there.

The hotness just keeps rolling in, as shown in this artsy little gem:
Manly, yet vulnerable.

Well look here, it's Stinko, offering sweet sweet goods! Wait, there's something a little off about that skinned cat...
I ate a lot of this back in the day... what?

Dr. Evil's budget cuts have severely hurt the fembot program...
That is one frightened Canadian.

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