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August 21, 2019

el photoShop

When my friend Wacy (Chris) made the mistake of posting a picture of him and a date to the message boards, you'd be SO wrong if you think I'd miss and opportunity to mess with him. So I had a little PhotoShop fest. If I could marry PhotoShop and have hot rasterized sex with it I would.

The original:

So unsuspecting.

The first one I did was the obvious choice, and I really hadn't planned to make a big thing out of it. But his reaction was priceless....

So fightening.

That formal wear was a little restricting, so I thought I'd lighten things up a bit. It's a free public service.

So wrong.

If these guys had been in the game it would have been a MILLION times better.

So right.

I don't know what was up with this one. Here you see (from top to bottom) Fross T. Freeze, Wacy, Innocent Victim, and 210. All on Aria Giovanni. That slut.

So strange.

While I was goofing around with people's heads, I decided to put MO's and Maniacal Clown's in there. This one's an in joke.

So MO.

Wacy's least favourite person on the web is CRZ, so I did my part for world peace by adding him to the equation. It's very touching.

So happy.

Of course, I couldn't leave his date out in the cold. Here you see her with wrestling historian and sexpot Scott Keith. Rowwwr.

So Netcop.

What this picture lacked was overt sexiness. I am nothing if not accomadating.

So sexay.

Finally, it's not a PhotoShop bender unless this man finds his way in. Ahhhhh.

So normal and well-adjusted.

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