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June 26, 2019

The Think Tank Mandate

When a small group of assorted university students informed me that they were forming a think tank I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. After all, these people get their kicks by breaking, or attempting to break, beer bottles over their own heads. However when they explained their mandate I realized that I had stumbled upon possibly the greatest collection of smart dudes since Socrates hung around in a dress talking about some other old dude.

Their mandate was stated as follows: "To solve any problem presented to them, with the provisio that the solution somehow involve girls kissing."

Clearly, this think tank had already done 95% of the thinking required. While solving the problems of the world they somehow managed to open new doors into sexy lesbian adventure.

The Problem: International pirates have made the waters of the 21st century havoc for honest shippers, who desire nothing more than to make a living bringing me my exotic pornography. How can this situation be dealt with fairly and efficiently?

The Solution: The Think Tank smirked, as it was evident that their wisdom was more than a match for this dilemma. One of them, possibly thier leader, leaned forward and began,

"Well, you get two girls..."

What followed was a plan so cunning in it's simplicity and lesbianic qualities that my brain threatened to explode with spontanious joy/fear.

"Why don't pirates rob other pirates?" he asked.

"Hmmmm... I'm not sure..." I replied with a slack-jawed expression.

"Well, it's obvious. They use their salty pirate talk as a form of identification. Thus if you get two girls constantly using pirate talk, they'll leave you alone!"

"But what does that have to do with girls kissing?" I wouldn't be denied my hot girl on girl methodology.

"Well, all that talking is going to make their tongues tired. So occasionally they'll need to massage their tongues, with each other's tongues!"

I almost enlisted in the Peace Corps I was so upset at my lack of foresight. This plan of dirty girls and their aching tongues would undoubtably keep the most grizzled of seafarers at bay! Here's an artist's conception:

Science at work

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