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June 26, 2019

The Think Tank Mandate

When a small group of assorted university students informed me that they were forming a think tank I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. After all, these people get their kicks by breaking, or attempting to break, beer bottles over their own heads. However when they explained their mandate I realized that I had stumbled upon possibly the greatest collection of smart dudes since Socrates hung around in a dress talking about some other old dude.

Their mandate was stated as follows: "To solve any problem presented to them, with the provisio that the solution somehow involve girls kissing."

Clearly, this think tank had already done 95% of the thinking required. While solving the problems of the world they somehow managed to open new doors into sexy lesbian adventure.

The Problem: How do you get the crusty bits off the nozzle of a toothpaste tube?

The Solution: The think tank thought for a moment, then made their first decision.

"Well, you get two girls..."

Now the juices were really flowing, and the plan came together quickly.

"You get the two girls to kiss, right? And they have the tube between their mouths."

"How do we ensure proper cleaning?"

"Well, you get their tongues moving in a cycle, with one going over the top while the other goes under the bottom."

"So they lick it clean?"


Awestruck, I accepted this solution, and even put together an illustration for the reference of future generations:

Science at work

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