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August 21, 2019

Originally written while I was trying to register for the next school term.
Ha ha, good one, UW!

I hate to say I told me so, but it's now half an hour into my four hour registration period and, (ha ha, excuse me for a moment... ok) the server is actually down! Funny! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Here's an actual email I sent to tech support:

I'm trying to register during my sign in window but the server is down. I'm thinking this is bad. Will it be up any time soon?

Also, this email address is only listed on the actual quest page, which I can't see as the server is down. So if I hadn't emailed before, I'd have no idea where to send this. I'm also thinking this might be bad.

Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Aaron Young.

Oh man, I'm going to Western next term.

Here's a helpful guide UW can use to show new users what to do:
Send complaints/concerns to

Update: 7:05 PM

A call to Quest HQ revealed that they're rebooting. OH! Well duh duh duh! Apparently more people signed on than have appointments and crashed some shit. I guess they never thought people would go to their website. Whoops, world, you screwed up! The saga continues...

Update: 7:21 PM

Here's what the site looks like now:
Problems?  Write to be h4X0red!  ROFL!!

This can't be a good sign.

Update: 7:33 PM

Finally got the login screen back up... and my password doesn't work anymore! Ho ho ho, those jokers! Here's what QUEST IT looks like:
Write me at

Update: 7:39 PM

Ok, now I'm in, but I can't find the "Sign up for courses" button, which you'd think would be pretty prominent. I can't blame them; I don't really know much about computers, I'm only here for the women.

Update: 7:48 PM

The tech support line is busy. Well crib my notes and pass an exam!

Update: 7:59 PM

Whoops! Back to a whole lot of nothing!

Man, these guys are pros.

Update: 8:10 PM

I found it! I found it!

All you have to do is go to Student Options, click on enrollment, look up the number for the term (1021), enter it into the search field, do a search, and click on update schedule! Easy!

Note: that's actually cumbersome, counterintuitive and totally undocumented. Right.

Update: 8:25 PM

I'd be working on my schedule, but I can't find the right button on this screen:  It's a lifestyle.

... I'm making dinner.

Update: 8:54 PM

Another call to tech support has revealed that if these problems continue (ha ha, if), I'll get another appointment. The impossibly perky tech support lady (no doubt due to mass amounts of crank and battery acid) informed me that all these problems are due to people who don't have appointments logging in. Still. Ok, let me get this straight, the server has the juice to handle an entire term of people logging in in the same four hour stretch, but a few stragglers bring the whole thing to it's knees? And you have to log in to get course numbers. Nobody ever thought someone might do this during a registration period? Hmm...

Update: 9:08 PM

For a half a second-a HALF a SECOND-I actually considered how many of my credits would transfer to Western...

Update: 9:32 PM

Oh my God I finally did it. The funny thing is, once I got in it seriously took about two minutes. The way I see it, though, the University owes me for my time. I'm up to about $20 an hour now, so I'll be expecting my $75 in the mail.

My courses:
CS 488 - Graphics: Oh yeah, baby.
CS 454 - Distributed Systems: HYPE, yo!
MUSIC 240 - Intro to Jazz: No popular music this term. :(
AMATH 231 - CALCULUS 4: Yeah, who the man?