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August 21, 2019

High budget graphical assault on the senses!

Hey folks, talking head James Duthie here with fellow talking head Darren Dutchyshen, and it's time for the ECG DOT COM plays of the week! The madcap adventure covered in fun that is ECG DOT COM has once again produced a stream of zany material for us to look at while playing silly upbeat music!

Er, Darren, what's with the little pants?
Well, James, when they ripped my head and spinal column out of my body for this talking head job, you'd better believe there's no way Dutch was giving up the wang.
You somehow managed to keep your wang attached to the end of your spinal column?
That's right. It wasn't easy, but let's just say it was definitely worth it. At any rate, the network didn't want the wang hanging off my spine during the broadcast, thus the little pants.
Well, that's a cautionary tale for you. Anyway, let's get to the wacky goings on in and around the ECG DOT COM offices!