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June 26, 2019

el photoShop: Pato

Longtime ECG DOT COM reader and Internet superstar Pato recently made public a photo of him posing with WWE SuperStar Nidia. That was his first mistake. Combined with a five star case of insomnia what ended up happening is the world got another marathon PhotoShop assault on common sense.

Here's what we start with:
That's just... great!

I was warned to keep my hands off, for it was the will of the Lord. I set out to check on that:
God is a really nice guy.  He gave me candies, too.

First up let's take a look at Pato's dating habits, as he uses his unique charms to score with the ladies:
That's... that's not right.

True horror is experienced as we witness what's going on just out of camera view:
The Manchester Missle in all it's glory.

Don't think I didn't notice an uncanny resemblence, and Please Believe I chose to exploit it:

Nothing beats a little festive celebration for special occasions:
Awwww.  So sweet.

What better way to flatter Pato than by placing his face on his favourite wrestler?
I am the arsebiscuit-uh

And finally, let's give Ivory a much needed face lift. Or change. Whatever.
Actually, she looks pretty hot.

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