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August 21, 2019

Outkast - Stankonia
I just need a hug
What do I like in my music? What does anyone like in their music? Why, the same thing they like in their fine cheeses: stinkiness. Outkast came charging out of the gates with a big stinky stanky stunky stenky stonky and sometimes stynky mess of Southern funk. I think this album set new standards for stinky booty juice; to buy it you have to wear a hazmat pimp suit and pick it up with tongs shaped like a huge dong. Upon opening it you're treated to a spicy pic of a fine naked lady with a unicorn horn waving her bare ass at you. The implication, of course is that she's a child of nature, and thus has a very very nasty, dirty bare ass, and it don't get much stankier than that. Yes, the only way to get a stankier album is to go to a Phish concert with Ani Difranco opening, and really, there's such a thing as BAD stank.

Davin says:
I'm sitting in a puddle of booty juice!
Yo yo yo yo werd up motherfuckers!