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June 26, 2019

I dunno, Richard, what???

Hello!  Welcome to my article!
Hello! For those that do not know me, I am Captain Interesting, and I like to do Interesting things! See my suit! See my Barbie controller! See my toilet! Are these things not Interesting? They certainly are Interesting!

Today's Interesting topic for discussion is the name, "elcyberGoth". What is this name about? Certainly it is most Interesting! Perhaps it is too Interesting... maybe I should not reveal these secrets? There is already a page on this, but it is most certainly not interesting!

But wait! I hear the sick and dying children of Africa calling to me! They wish to know! They wish to know all there is to know about this very Interesting name! I must help the children of Africa. I must discover what is the meaning of this name.

I have consultated with Interesting Laboratories, and they tell me that "elcyberGoth" can be broken into three words: "el" "cy" and "berGoth". Then I sacked those morons and found a better set of words, "el" "cyber" and "Goth". What is the answer to this mystery and enigma mystery? Will I need the help of that talking Scooby Doo Dog? No! Scooby Doo Dog is not Interesting!

I can see things that are Interesting!
What is the meaning of "el"?

Let me put on my very Interesting glasses and read up in my book of words.

Aha! According to this, "el" is the Spainish word for "the"! How very Interesting! But is elcyberGoth a Spainish speaker? The answer is Interesting! It is no! But why is this "el" here? Is elcyberGoth a supporter of the Spainish way? Does he enjoy Mexicasa and Chimichangas? He says, "Hell no." But what then is this "el"? Surely this is an Interesting problem!

Wait! The Interesting-O-Meter is going off! It has something! "el" is also the phoenetical spelling of "L"! How AYE en tee eee ar eee ess tee aye en gee!

My very Interesting Interesting glasses have spotted the true meaning of "el", but what of the rest?

Boogie down folks!!
What is the meaning of "cyber"?

What a strange word. I asked people in Interesting Internet Chat Rooms what "cyber" meant, and I got some very Interesting responses! It seems that online I am very attractive, and many young girls wished to teach me the secrets of love. How Interesting!

Through these adventures, I discovered the Disco Dance of Love! With this dance, I was irresistable to the many beautiful young ladies of the Internet. I did not need the powers of this dance, for women love a man who is Interesting, however this was a useful tool in my "cybering".

But wait! All this does not fit. elcyberGoth is not a sexy Internet love machine, he is a little geek who has no business near a woman. This is no basis for Internet love! In fact, "cyber" can also mean he is a big geek! How Interesting!

Let's cook something Interesting!
What is the meaning of "Goth"?

From my Big Book of Interesting Things I found that to be Goth is to daryk and mysterious. Most Interesting! Also, Goth people like to hide in shadows and smoke clove cigarettes. I've also found that they worship Satan and eat babies! How spookily Interesting!

As an Internet geek with possible Mexican ties, elcyberGoth must indeed be a very daryk and tormented soul! But that big "G" is odd...

Boyakasha! What is 'dis I be 'earin' 'bout G's? Da original G, Ali G is representing for da West Staines Massiv, aiight.

Firs off, 'dis elephantOff geezer be well givin' up propz to Ali G, what wit givin me space ta set dis 'ere recording straight. Respect! But he iz no litle spooky kid!

Check it! aliceyGoff t'aint no daryk sperit! 'e t'aint even been dead, innit? You know, 'es disrespectin' a well batty subculta by actin' like dem an' doin' some massiv stupid plop, 'cos it gives 'im a WICKED buzz! Me donīt hunderstan' it so much, but me is well certain dat itz well brilliant, innit.

An' dat is very Hinterestin'.

Me is well Interesting too!
Oh my! Who was that very Interesting man? No matter, he certainly was full of useful knowledge! I don't understand why someone would pretend to belong to a clique just to make fun of it, but it certainly seems like a very Interesting thing to do!

Well, I guess we've learned the meaning of "elcyberGoth", and wasn't it a very Interesting journey? (ECG: No!) I'll be going back to my studies of Interesting things now. Rest assured, whereever things are Interesting, I will be there, for I am


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