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June 26, 2019

el icqAbuse

When I discovered that ICQ lets you send custom greeting cards, it's understandable that I spoiled a very decent pair of pants. They let me simultaniously subvert the idea of greeting cards while annoying my friends. Finding a whole new way to call people gay is something to be relished, and thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I can share this with you! Please, contain yourself, or at least point yourself in a different direction.

This card doesn't really need custom text to be funny.

Eh, I say that to everybody.

Apology accepted.

Sad but true.

Boy I sure do like the gay cards.

That hard-drinkin' baby-eatin' pimp daddy.

If you know Jon you know he didn't listen.

Once you go green you can't go back.

I read this on a fortune cookie once.

I speak from experience.

Ted Danson had nothing to do with this card.

What the hell?

And that's that. Before you wise guys get any ideas, I don't use ICQ anymore so you can't send me any hilarity. Hahaha suck it down bitches!

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