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August 21, 2019


After WrestleMania I took a few screen grabs of the event. For kicks I edited them with cute little comments in the style of the Jiggy Freshest man on the planet, DJ FrostyFreeze. It's mostly inside jokes, so if you haven't seen these already you're probably not gonna get them, but what the hey. Posterity!

WHAAAAAAT? Do I dare elinfringe on McFootyFreeze's territory?

Am I eljiggy elfresh enough to do elcyberCaps?

No, of course not! But I do have some stuff from the first hour or so.

Why isn't Frosty doing this? Well....
Th-th-there it is!

Well, let's watch the ZANINESS!
Who let a grizzly in here?
That's just unprofessional.

That kind of behaviour can get you kicked off an airplane.

It's Tonya Harding!
Look out, Christian!
Too awesome for words.

Propostion 312 wants you.

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