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June 26, 2019

ECG TV is proud to present its very own version of the world's hottest dating show, Blind Date! As always, the end result after putting a television show through the ECG TV meat grinder results in logical, well-ordered and entertaining fare.

Blind Date! Blind Date! Blind Date! Theme music and other shenanigans!

HOST: Hello, I'm Roger Lodge, host of Blind Date and suave animatronic puppet! Watch me drink a glass of water while singing the national anthem! Later! We've got two hot dates for you today, both of which have some slight homoerotic undertones, but I'm sure that's nothing to worry about! I glue pictures of seals to my bedroom wall!

HOST: Our first date involves two people with similar interests. One is a drummer and once played with a major band, while the other is a singer and composer. Let's meet our participants!

PAUL: I like my dates to be spontaneous and explosive. Real whiz-bang, you know what I mean? I also like my ladies to be musically inclined; I like to play around a bit with music, and it's nice to share that with someone.

HOST: Sounds like a nice guy! Let's meet his date.

RINGO: I really like women who take me seriously, you know? Like, they don't say, "Hey, you're that bloke that just sorta hung around the talented Beatles!" It's also nice if they don't remember that I was on Shining Time Station. Oh, they should also share my intense hatred for Paul McCartney.

HOST: Sounds like a dynamic pair! Let's see how their date went!

Let's see how their date went already!