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August 21, 2019

Ashley MacIssac - Hi How Are You Today?
AAAAA!  There's a face in my cheek!
It was the mid 90's. Grunge was coughing and sputtering it's way to a messy collapse into it's own rancid feces, or as I like to call them, "I Mother Earth". Without Kurt Cobain to show the way the whole movement was becoming increasingly more fractured, threatening to drown in a sea of it's own flannel excess. Music needed a hero. It found Ashley MacIssac.

This is the story of a boy and his fiddle. When the call went out for someone to save music, he was ready. Taking up his fiddle, called The Dancing Gelding, for it's quick and supple behaviour, Milton the Fiddle Master set out to conquer our ears. His was a style passed down for generations from his Celtic ancestors, and it was time to show it to the world. Then Ashely MacIssac kicked his ass and stole his man-skirt. All that was a contrived literary device to show how Ashley MacIssac fused traditional stuff with modern stuff to make something new and interesting. It got a bit messy, and I'm sorry about that. Here's an alternate litery device: Ashley MacIssac made a rock guitar... out of PURE TRADITION!

By the time this album dropped the music scene was so desperate for something new and grungy people didn't even notice that the man was playing a fiddle. A fiddle! That's actually pretty cool. If I could become a rock star of middling importance using an oboe, I sure as hell wouldn't be wasting my time perfecting my Courtney Love standing on the speaker pose. But I digress.

Eventually the music industry finally found the Next Big Thing: angry people who happened to have vaginas. I think they completely missed the boat, though. If unconventional instruments had caught on, maybe we could have avoided that horror that is Papa Roach.

Davin says:
I'm doing fine!  'cause I'm a slut.
Hey, I liked that "Bitch" song!