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August 21, 2019

News Flashes

Everything here is amazing!

Yeah, slanty-eyed comix were great! - Nautilus

Less than a month to go. Oh the excitement. I miss slanty-eyed comics. - Armaegis

I miss you Aaron :( - AlenOnline

So lonely... but I'll always have porn. - Armaegis

Another two months before ECG's yearly update. - Armaegis

That's not poon. - Armaegis - Viagra

I want some poon. - Armaegis

I missed out, too! At least corporate doesn't this site is porn anymore. Little ddo they know.... - JBS

Aye, it was glorious as all the previous years. - Armaegis

I totally missed this year's Festiver Eye Bleeding. - AlenOnline

I totally missed this year's Festiver Eye Bleeding. - AlenOnline

chunky munky butt - Armaegis

- Name

Santa needs lovin' too. - Armaegis

i seen momma sucking santa clause - tee

The festive eye bleeding has returned. - Armaegis

We now return you to your regularly scheduled penis - Armaegis


Is this thing working yet? - Armaegis

Ok fixed for some reason - elcyberGoth

Oh lol - elcyberGoth

online backgammon - online backgammon

Oh my news item! - Evil

online backgammon - online backgammon

It's so obvious / I'm the haiku champion / still undefeated - AlenOnline

How to make friends, part 2: Climb the ladder to suck Les. - Armaegis

How to make friends, part 1: If someone remarks that it's snowing, reply with "Dammit, I thought they were burning the Jews." - Armaegis

ECG updates are like bad handjobs. Cold and bloody. - Armaegis

Still no update. Way to keep a bad thing going! - JBS

Hardest word to fit? / Antidisestablishment- / arianism. - elcyberGoth

Please answer me this / Elaine Coyne got uglier / How did this happen? - AlenOnline

battle haiku must / come to toronto it is / time to do it right - mrdata

Feels good don't it? - Armaegis

Holy shit, people still use this thing? Fuck... - Spank E

I mean yo mamma. - Armaegis

You mean your breath? - AlenOnline

Smells like penis. - Armaegis

You obviously aren't Canadian or had yourself a French hooker if you don't know what poutine is. Is AlenOnline really Fross.T.Freeze in disguise? - Armaegis

WTF is poutine? - AlenOnline

It's imaginary, just like poutine. - Armaegis

This site still exists? - Brew

What if the molestor becomes the molestee? - Armaegis

At least it wasn't Ted Danson. Because he's not a child molestor. - Groin

Half of the posts on the front page are mine. I feel special. Special in that "I gots molested by Tony Danza and all I got was this t-shirt" sort of way. - Armaegis

fuck - boby

We *are* the fucking hecklers. And we're fucking leaving 'cause the shit's getting boring. - Groin

We had hecklers? - Armaegis

Damn, even the hecklers are leaving. Way to go, elcyberbroth. - Groin

Buck Angel FTW... - Armaegis

Skorts are all well and good, just not on a dude, and let's face it, it's the internets, which makes you a dude no matter what you say. Well, maybe a tranny... - Groin

I've moved up to skorts now. - Armaegis

Say no to pants, you goddamn savages! - Groin

Hello?.... Bueller?... Les?.... Mom? - Armaegis

The sixth shiek's sixth sheep is sick. - Armaegis

blue black bug's blood x5 - Armaegis

Plays with his strudel all day long he does. - Armaegis

Aaron wears a colander on his head, because he's a fine-lookin' strumpet. - Groin

Who wears a colander on their head anyways? - Armaegis

I got a dog, a cat, a mouse, a rat, a fly (he wont die!), and a little knat. - AlenOnline

Yo mama is so fat, she has Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes! - Pato

Yo mama is so fat, she has to put her belt on with a boomerang - AlenOnline

I didn't know ECG DOT COM updated until over a month after the fact! Oh, my faith is restored. - Pato

Your mommas so fat, Jesus couldnt lift her spirits. - 210

Well at least it's a stranger this time. - Armaegis

When I think about YOU, I touch myself. - JBS

Do you touch yourself at night? - Armaegis

(fnord) - Pope W T W

Holy shit. ElCyberUpdate. I'm...................underwhelmed. BTW, his momma is a nice gal. Leave her alone. - JBS

Your mom is so fat every time she jumps we have to recalculate hubble's constant - Steve

Rape is funny. Especially when it involves your mom in a parking lot, and no one wants to help the worthless bitch! - Nautilus

The mass of your mom at rest is approximately equal to that of a neutron star traveling at (1-(10^-1000))c. - Bill Gates

Your mama's so fat, I rendered her body into heating oil and crispy bacon - elcyberGoth

Your mama's so fat, we all just slap her thigh and ride the wave in. - Proud to Contribute

Groin's mama is so fat, the horse on her polo shirt is real - AlenOnline

He disabled hyperlinks, you numbnutz. - Groin

How did you finally chase away the Kasino spambots? I MUST KNOW - AlenOnline

Some ad shit wants to set a cookie when I come here. WTF are you up to, you slutmonkey?! - Doom

A linear regression shows us that we should expect the next update around February 8th, 2007, but I suspect this data may be changing exponentially, so, um, it'll be a decade or something. - Groin

You're so lazy, we love it. - Nautilus

Whoa... /keanu - Armaegis

Excellent work. See ya next year, everybody! - AlenOnline

Excellent work. See ya next year, everybody! - AlenOnline

You didnt really go to Irvine & not call me, did you? - Well F you too, then

You, sir, are a study in pants. - Groin

Ok - elcyberGoth

Cockwhore, write something. - Groin

Happy Anniversary, ya lazy bastard! - AlenOnline

1 year! 1 year! 1 year! - elcyberGoth

Not a bad idea, I think more people should spend more days drunk, no matter what day it is. - Nautilus

Oh no, it's April fools everyone - the usefulness of the internet is officially negligible. I think I'll spend the day drunk. - Groin

So while looking up medical terminology, I did a GIS for "intubate", because apparently I'm a masochist... - Armaegis

Damn, I accidentally (it was fucking accidental, alright?!) discovered a subgenere of foot fetish. It's not quite what prego is to furries but... well, alright, it's pretty tame. wwwDOTcarstuckgirlsDOTcom - cause Aaron's weak

Shhhh! (We're trying to get him to go a full year without updating) - AlenOnline

I miss slanty eyed comics. But then I look in the mirror. - Armaegis

That *would* be Xtreme! But then how would I link to things like this: - Groin?!

Or I could go really extreme and ban links completely... - elcyberGoth

Maybe you could pull a CRZ & ban the whole block of IPs? - AlenOnline -

Aaron, these spammers are so kicking your ass - AlenOnline