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June 26, 2019

The 11th Item
05.01.2004 12:04 PM

I took Something Awful's Top Ten Week by the horns and wrote an entire State Og update all by myself, something so unprecidented yet meaningless my crotch is still tingling from the artificial gratification I had to give myself. Holy shit, what did I just type?

Also, last week I chimed in with Homeyard Defense and Note to Wohoever Put Non-dairy Creamer in the Vat of Sin. I didn't mention this involvement because it's hip, and I'm hipper than hip, so that makes sense somehow.

To those of you concerned about the recent abuses of Iraqi prisoners, relax, because according to the Governing Council it's ok due to the fact that Saddam tortured and killed people, while the U.S. Army only tortured them. Also, though it was never mentioned, it's ok because Iraqis are brown, and most of them aren't American.