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June 26, 2019

On puppets and pop stars
03.07.2004 8:33 PM

Ahhhhhh nooooooo

I've been away for months on an intergalactic seal hunting expedition. Interestingly enough seals are an Earth animal so it was a pretty big waste of time.

Still, I managed to write some State Og stuff, and then completely fail to mention them, such as this one and Shiny Happy People, and this other one where I wrote State Og Does the Arts. Entertaining pablum or quickie crap? You decide!

Appartently while I was meeting moon babes in space everyone back home got all retarded. It seems that in lieu of an actual problem (because we're so short on them) our North American society decided that seeing nipples was really, really bad. Then, back at the homestead, a puppet dog who's job is to be a jerk was a jerk, and freaked a bunch of politicians out. Fancy that! Here with some insightful thoughts on that is special ECG DOT COM guest, me!