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June 26, 2019

The Og train rolleth on
05.10.2003 8:55 PM

Yes, it's Saturday again and it's State Og time for all! Once again I occupy the first two positions with 1-800-DRIVE-OG, my tribute to Vikings in the service industry, and Convenience Made Convenient, which is made a million times better by it's association with an image from Clerks.

Looking down this is like the millionth update in a row that's not actually announcing something I wrote for this site. It feels like a million years since I wrote something, and I could blame the whole moving to a different city thing or the huge hassle of getting a car thing or the working extreme hours during my first week thing, but the fact of the matter is that I hate you all and hope your reproductive organs get multiple cases of cancer. Yes, my hate for you and your gonads is so pure you could sell it in a farmer's market, fetching a handsome price. At night, when I think about all the horror I wish to inflict upon long time readers of ECG DOT COM I get the biggest erection that I would love to plunge into your mother's eye sockets.

P.S. sorry about the site going down all the time. DSL is gay.