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August 21, 2019

All the updates these days are State Og
03.22.2003 6:09 PM

I mean wtf all ECG ever does is State Og and he doesn't do normal updates anymore like the Think Tank which is totally awesome and doesn't have any evil corporations and I bet he'd lick Lowtax's balls if he asked but he wouldn't because he's not Emily "Integral" Reigel but he wouldn't ask her to lick his balls because she's crazy and by he I mean Lowtax not ECG because ECG really needs a good ball licking and wouldn't turn down that adventure and what the hell is all this Og crap like for instance today's has TWO whole pieces by ECG and one of them is on the front page again which gets 10000 unique ips and that's all well and good but it's no ECG DOT COM and also ECG wrote State Og Pep Rally Fun! and Way to go, Nature and those should have been on ECG DOT COM because they suck the creamy filling out of my ass and hello.