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August 21, 2019

Ogarama is runnin' wild!
03.15.2003 1:51 AM

This being Saturday Saturday Saturday we have a delicious festival of tasty State Og treats! My own brand of salty effervesance came in the form of A Pyramid Scheme That's MMM MMM Good and It's Time To Pay The Price. Amazingly, my very own writing is on the SA front page at this very moment, which gratifies me both sexually and in other ways too.

I also tried to work on some kind of ezCode thingie for the news flashes, but as I sobered up I realized doing it properly is a lot of work and I'm really lazy, so maybe later.

Update: As a special concession to myself I whipped up code to automatically turn anything beginning with http:// into a link, something I should have done much earlier as it has far less special cases than ezCodes.