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June 26, 2019

This is how us high rollers roll
02.19.2003 1:27 AM

This is great because it has ME in it.
Pictured on the left is something Demp did with MS Paint or whatever and it's sweet because I really do have a posse.

Moving on...

Having graduated I've spent the last two months or so in blissful unemployment. This being the era of burst bubbles and what not, it's a real pain to land a job, as evidenced by the failure of my intensive job search technique to get me work:

January: Play Morrowind. A lot.
February: Panic.

Thus, it becomes necessary to find alternate sources of income. That's why I've put together a sure fire money making scheme that will have me rolling around naked in piles of cash in no time, no time being whenever they open the bank vaults today. Oddly enough, there was a hyperlink back there, so I think you'll be able to use my scheme too!