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July 17, 2019

Evil is in the air
12.01.2002 12:01 AM

This logo is so popular!  OMG!
The first thing a casual reader might notice is the presence of festive eye bleeding colours. This year the page changes the colours itself for the duration of Decemember, which has no impact on the average FIX THIS but is quite sweet for me.

At any rate it's Sunday, which is apparently State Og day, because there's more of it. It seems that the way these work is all the State Og writers submit stuff, then Rich "Golden God" Kyanka picks the best and puts them up. It's like a family, if your family engages in hardcore bloodletting and chicanary to succeed, which mine certainly does. Anyway, I'm responsible for Merry Marry Time and We Bee Fashionable, which I considered the weaker two submissions of the three I did this week. Maybe I'll run a State Og Reject Pile someday. Maybe I'll have my schlong bronzed too. For religious purposes.