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June 26, 2019

Un "Fucking" Believable
11.18.2002 2:39 PM

This is the kind of high quality work that gets you a gig at a respected satire site.  Please Believe It.
Well, where to begin. Three weeks or ago I finally got around to buying a Something Awful forums account. It didn't take long to decide it was the best $10 I'd ever spent as the posts are funny and well thought out, and the games forum is pure gold. I was perfectly happy with that.

Then Lowtax put out a call for submissions to contribute to State Og on a bi-weekly basis. Well, I slapped together something about skinning babies as I am wont to do and went on my merry way.

Dramatic line break

Then the unexpected happened... the Bombers failed to make it to the Grey Cup final. Fuck!

Oh, also Lowtax hand picked me to be an official State Og representitive. I've pretty much been in a a state of shock since. During long masturbation daydreaming sessions I've wondered what it would be like to see Aaron "elcyberGoth" Young on SA. And suddenly... BOOM! I wouldn't even believe this was happening if I didn't already have the sweetest email address I've ever seen,

Basically how it works is there's a bunch of State Og writers, and we submit things to Lowtax who then picks the best out and puts them in the weekly update. I'm not entirely sure how this works yet, but I think he has two groups of people that he'll use on alternating weeks. That's why my stuff isn't in this weeks update, so hopefully next week.

Also, this site is now the official Give Lowtax A Blowjob site. All Lowtax blowjobs all the time! That's entertainment!