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June 26, 2019

Things just got a little jiggier
10.15.2002 1:09 AM

Whoa! Where the crap did I go? Well, there's a funny story about that, and it involves the hide of a donkey, militant lesbians and four tubs of shellack. However a different, much more accurate story involves group assignments, Animal Crossing and my fat, lazy ass.

But enough about how I waste time! You're here to waste your time! And that means more updates! I bet you can't wait for today's nugget of witty goodness! Your groin regions are quivering in anticipation of that ECG magic that feels so good, isn't it? Well, not to worry, because I've finally broken the long dearth of updating goodness with... a guest column! That's right! Popular ECG DOT COM regular DJ FrostyFreeze has seen fit to provide reviews of young children's artwork! This is a public service in many ways: for the kids, Frosty's tough, but fair criticism can only help their developing young minds. You on the other hand get to laugh at the hilarious misfortunes of annonymous tykes! And me? Why, all I have to do is post the article and then sit back down on my fat can and watch the hits roll in! Sah-weet!