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June 26, 2019

Pure insanity
08.11.2002 1:10 AM

Heeeeeere we go!

As I sit here on Saturday night I am preparing to perform a sort of experiment. I've decided to stay up ALL NIGHT and keep producing content, just to see what happens. I'm thinking what will happen is I'll get all delusional (I've been up since 7:20 AM, by the way) and things will get very messed up. I'm so excited. This is going to be a real time sort of thing, so if you're reading this tonight, keep checking in. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the very first Insanity Update.

2:58 AM
Well, I banged out a whole bunch of new PhotoShops of wacy really fast. They're ok, though they're mostly me cleaning out old stuff I had lying around. Yeah!

3:52 AM
Zoned out for a bit there.... added another pic to the wacy thing... It's high time for another Think Tank....

4:23 AM
Those are easy and very rewarding. I should do more of those. Hey! Cookies!

5:03 AM
I haven't mentioned this before, but Stripcreator is a lot of fun. I just put together a few more comics, however the way it's set up this will take you to the latest one. Use the arrows, silly. Oh, I can't apologize enough for what you're about to experience.

5:26 AM
Off with these pants!

Why doesn't this stupid tablet work?

6:32 AM
Aggggh.... wha? Here's another desktop wallpaper for ya. It's a shout out to where I came from. It's getting increasingly hard to PhotoShop since I'm having a hard time focusing. Gah.

6:58 AM
Wow! More comics! Wow!

7:33 AM
The sun is up, I'm wiped, and I think my chair is writing poems to me. I think I'll go to sleep. But first, one final comic, old school style. Ok, then.