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August 21, 2019

The Special Edition
06.24.2002 11:48 PM

It took forever, but I've finally gone back and redone the "What Does elcyberGoth Mean" page. Basically, the original was rambling and boring and painfully E/N. The new hottness is in a more modern style, that is rambling and boring and fairly nonsensical. But I can assure you that it is slightly more Interesting.

In an E/N note I thought I'd share a little annecdote from the weekend. You see, I was enjoying a beer-flavoured beverage (beer) in the local watering hole, helping to polish off some nachos. Now, Davin happened to be sitting beside me at the time, and, never wanting to miss a good prank on Davin, I discretely poured some candle wax on one nacho and replaced it. Now, any self-respecting author of a Police Academy movie could write a good conclusion for this story. It took Davin's special skills to write a great one. You see, not long after, Davin had the idea to try the same trick on a different nacho. He poured the wax, waited for it to set and replaced it, then sat back and waited for the hillarity. A friend of ours who knew the low down on the situation made a casual suggestion, "Hey Davin, why not eat the other nacho so someone will be more likely to eat yours?" "Good idea!" And then Davin picked up my pre-treated nacho.