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August 21, 2019

Deep and introspective stuff
05.26.2002 3:15 AM

The update magic has been slow lately, and I think I've figured out the reason. Last term I was in the everlasting hell known as CS488, and to try to stave off the constant misery I wrote a lot of stuff for this here website. Now with all that done with, things are pretty good for elcyberGoth. I'm back at work doing cool stuff, I'm working on a very spiffy new projekt that's coming along nicely, I've got a brand new dirt cheap GameCube, and, as always, my penis is huge and difficult to manage. What this leaves me is less motivation to bring teh funney. But do not fear! As misery brings comedy, happiness also has its counterpart. Taking a cue from all those sad suburban white kids who have to face the indignity of driving a BEIGE SUV, I've channeled unprecidented amounts of angst in some poems. Please, brace yourself before proceeding, as the ride to come will be harrowing and my scorch your soul with a flamethrower or some kind of cool flame bomb.