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June 26, 2019

What a special day
05.16.2002 10:30 PM

What a very special day! How fantastic! I've been waiting for it FOREVER, and it's finally here! I can hardly contain myself!

That's right. That's 100% correct. Today I downloaded the new Eminem album. I can't believe it. What a day.

Lest you think this is a worthless update, I'd like to direct you to my latest hosted site. If you like Civ 3 and you're a big fan of WW2 (and who isn't) Mad Dog and NoS have the mod for you. Yes! You too can relish the non-stop good times and swingin' flava known as World War 2! Slaughter millions of civilians! Wipe out infrastructure! Build your own Gulags! And it's all available in the wholesomely-named Mein Kampf Civ 3 Mod! Be there or be square!