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June 26, 2019

Not an update dedicated to bitching at all
01.10.2002 7:14 PM

Here's the kind of fun you can have by abusing ICQ's greeting cards.
It's a good thing I stopped writing an update every day, because this week would have no doubt been filled with me complaining about whatever is annoying/causing me pain on any given day. Yep, with the move from making every single update being about me and all the wonderfull things I'm up to there's no longer any need for me to burden you with whining about how difficult and mind numbing fourth-year computer science is. Without any means to talk about how every day is like skinning my arms and applying hot sauce, then re-attaching the skin with a rusty needle, I can focus on bringing the funny. And bring it I shall, just as soon as I deal with the horrors of getting back into school, with is fourth-year and painful.

Right, so I'll be hitting a big milestone soon: 1000 hits since I put up the counter way back on November 4. This would seem to be some decent volume, as I took pains to count every IP only once a day. However, dial-up users have probably screwed with this a bit, but if somebody surfs here, hangs up, and surfs here again, I must be doing something right, right?

Anyway, I'll be revealing my idea for my Graphics project just as soon as I get the concept art done (read: get the concept art started).