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November 15, 2018

QWhat the hel?
11.11.2001 2:17 PM

What the? who the hell welse thinks staurday is about drinking at Wavevers? It's real good. Ypu. Went out drinking with Loosie, and then kicked his ass 'casue he has a title shot and I don't, and that is annoying. What? I said yer pathertic! Right., slleep is real good 'cause I don't use the backspace key at the moment, thought my typoing speed isn't any lower. What? I siad.... hi! A girl named Elizibeth kicked my ass at shuffleboard.. maybe she should mocve to Florida! HAhahaha! oL D BITHC!

What the fuck? AON the tick tv show a santa ruipped the heaed off of another santa! !!!!!. QhTR.... what THE FUCK! SANTA! Fuck.