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August 21, 2019

Big time update 'O death
10.27.2001 8:03 PM

Well my computer is back in one piece. Other than ICQ not having sound for some reason it seems to be working even better than before. Yay! I managed to lose the file holding the server stats, which sucks because I was just up to 300 hits in two weeks. Oh well, that just gives me a reason to write my own counter.

I just watched part of Revenge of the Nerds, and I have this to say: IT'S ALL TRUE! The wild beer-fueled stupidity, the segregation between Jocks and Nerds, the elabourate science-filled schemes... every bit of it! But I'd like to highlight the MOST true part: nerds are the BEST at the sex! Yeah! Errr...

You may have noticed the berevity of the updates lately (I use the term "you" in a very E/N way, of course. But I'll get to that later). There's two reasons for this: I had a busy week, and thus didn't have much time to put together a proper update, and secondly I couldn't really think of anything worth putting up. What I have gotten up has felt rushed, as I essentially had to finish it in one hour. Further, I don't really want to post constant updates on what I'm doing: I doubt that it's at all interesting most of the time. Update: today I sang a rendition of an old Pat Benatar song in the shower. LOL! You see? So the solution is clear. No, I'm not shutting down, thus avoiding one common E/N pitfall. I'm just not gonna update each and every day. This gives me more time to work on stuff, and it gives you more time to recover from the hilarious onslaught offered up by my lambasting of pop culture. Deal? Cool, let's shake on it... NO! Not there!

The url may go goofy for a bit in a few days, so I recommend keeping the old URL ( bookmarked, since it will always point to here. Aight, peace up, I'm out.