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August 21, 2019

And so it goes
10.09.2001 11:37 PM

Lookit!  Lookit!  DOGS in SANTA SUITS!!!
Well the page is well and truely launched, whatever that means. There's nothing better I can think of to kick things off than some dogs in santa suits. Festive!

The page itself may be slow as ass because it's running off of cable, but the extra freedoms I have more than make up for that, like my ability to call somebody a cunt without fear of retribution, or my ability to spread white supremisist propaganda, also without retribution. (Note: There are very few people I'd call a cunt, and those that are are really giant vaginas. Also, I'm not a white supremisist, in fact, technically I'm not white. Also, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!)

If you haven't already, take a look around. Back at home base I'll prepare the magic. (You mean the cheetos?) Uh, er... yes.