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This page is the repository of all the goddamn crazy shit I've put on the net. It's a one-stop shop for stupid!

Digging deep into the seedy gaming journalism underbelly. At Blizzard HQ - - 2006-04-07

I save everyone a lot of trouble and pick the new Pope myself Finding the Next Pope - - 2005-04-07

An in-depth look at the people America actually CHOSE to run their country. Team Bush 2004: Bush Harder - - 2004-11-28

Sex! Sex! Sex! It's all over the damn place! In The News 6 - - 2004-08-15

Detailed coverage of the 2004 campaign to control the lucrative syrup trade. He who controls the syrup controls the universe. Canadian Federal Election Coverage - - 2004-06-26

E3 from some jerk on the Internet's perspective E3 2004 In Revue - - 2004-05-18

A review of another classic forgotten RoboCop game. RoboFight Review - - 2004-04-11

A stirring look at society today For the Love of the Children - - 2004-03-07

Those wacky Jews, good coffee and India fights crime In The News 5 - - 2004-01-24

How I became a grizzled warrior Men of Duty: Commando Squad Delta - - 2003-12-21

Taking a look at things that matter around the world In The News 4 - - 2003-10-26

The leader of Pakistan and I sit down to discuss some major issues An Interview with President Pervez Musharraf - - 2003-09-21

A true tale of adventure and danger in Toronto. The Day It Went Dark - - 2003-08-16

Shock and awe on a digital scale. elphotoShop: wacy 3 - - 2003-07-28

A review of a classic forgotten RoboCop game. RoboBike Review - - 2003-06-26

Politician misbehaves; Mike Myers sez everything's cool. In The News 3 - - 2003-05-14

A look at some of the important issues in the world today. In The News 2 - - 2003-04-17

A special holiday article. An April Fool's Day Article - - 2003-04-01

Conversing with a living legend. Interview With Fred Durst - - 2003-03-25

An adventure with a weapon of mass distortion. elphotoShop: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - - 2003-03-25

Investigating curious correlations between prophilactics and video games. What's In The Condom Machine? - - 2003-03-19

Blind Date meets ECG TV with terrifying results. Blind Date - - 2003-03-10

I help all you losers make bank. My Magical Money Making ...Mplan - - 2003-02-19

Stupid mayor grabs ass, stupid people mess with education. In The News 1 - - 2003-02-15

Makeovers makeovers makeovers! Wow! Makeovers! - - 2003-01-23

Land of the Damned... Driver! All About Driving in Winnipeg - - 2003-01-22

How I spend my holidays! Classic Game Reviews - - 2003-01-03

All about the next gaming sensation! elrolePlayingGame - - 2002-12-11

It's all the Dave you need! elphotoShop: Dave - - 2002-11-21

Victimizing a brand new innocent bystander. I'm like Godzilla with a computer! elphotoShop: Pato - - 2002-11-12

The Think Tank solves a very important crisis situation: The Think Tank: Stealing Music - - 2002-10-27

A big milestone caught on film: Grad Photo Shoot - - 2002-10-22

Revolutionary new technology on parade! The Floodgate - - 2002-10-17

Learn all about the latest craze: Recycling old crap! Memo To Toy Executives - - 2002-09-18

Learn to take the Love Tunnel on the Information Superhighway. How To Make That Internet Connection - - 2002-09-11

Sweet home Manitoba. All About Winnipeg - - 2002-09-03

The elcyberGoth view of a summer blockbuster. Blue Crush Review - - 2002-08-14

Can Waxy possibly survive another attack? Let's find out! elphotoShop: wacy: The Sequel - - 2002-08-11

Think Tank: How to deal with pirates. The Think Tank: Pirates - - 2002-08-11

You're boring! Have some fun! How To Have Fun - - 2002-07-28

Get in on the ground floor of a new fad! Server Ricing - - 2002-07-12

Sometimes a patriot just has to stand up and say what's what. Pledge of Anger - - 2002-06-27

What does it all mean? What Does elcyberGoth Mean? - - 2002-06-24

My toys have pathetic sex lives. Unlike my own which is lively and fulfilling. *cry* Toy Dating Game - - 2002-06-04

This site is a massive forum for exorcising my inner demons. Try not to get any on you. elpoetry - - 2002-05-26

What the Internet is really good for: annoying the unsuspecting. ICQ Abuse - - 2002-05-20

A massive exercise in ruggedness. Camparama - - 2002-05-12

Zany highlight reels? We got 'em! Plays of the Week - - 2002-04-24

Me + PhotoShop = pure evil. elphotoShop: wacy - - 2002-04-06

When I'm given four days of somebody's life to fabricate I don't mess around. Brought to you in part by the Urinary Tract Infection Foundation. L'il Steven's Big Adventure - - 2002-03-30

See WrassleMania through my twisted kaleidoscope. elcyberCaps - - 2002-03-20

Think Tank: The Toothpaste Solution. The Think Tank: Tricky Toothpaste - - 2002-01-25

Metal Gear Solid 2 is so good. Really! MGS2: The Review - - 2001-12-23

The truth has nothing to do with history. The History of WCRI - - 2001-12-15

The most grittiest tale of true grit ever! A Dark Rain On Boston - - 2001-10-28

Frosh Week 2001 - The Scunt Frosh Week 2001 - The Scunt - - 2001-09-06

Frosh Week 2000 - The Scunt Frosh Week 2000 - The Scunt - - 2000-09-06

Slanty-Eyed Comix!!!

Sensitive and culturally appropriate humour based on comics from a dirty foreign land.

Music "Reviews"


This is the part of the page where I hand control over to LES or, for the layperson, the Luke Enterainment System. The idea here is that you send some questions into Mrs. Luke and she will give you advice based on her vast knowledge.

How to keep 'em, how to get 'em and how to get yours. Return of a legend - - 2003-02-11

A four-time loser, very special tips for spicing up your love life and a familar face. Look, but don't touch - - 2002-03-07

A fan, a first-timer, and a very special person. What? - - 2001-10-30

More reality! Very stylish - - 2001-01-04

The first issue with stunning reality! It's big and mad - - 2001-01-03

The second episode in an epic, with an electrifying guest. I'm smelling something else... - - 2001-01-02

The inaugural edition of Ask LES! Smell the history! - - 2001-01-01

Very Special Guest Updates

Things get a little wac(k)y wacyphotoShop: ECG - - 2003-09-25

A reader and his hooliganism impersanate a hooligan. A Holiday Message From Pato - - 2002-12-16

A reader exhibits his hooliganism. The Pato Interview - - 2002-02-19

Internets Hijinx

Some fun times with the net and emails, at Davin's expense of course. Internet Shenanigans - - 2003-01-18

The tale of Davin and his sidekick, Mottled the Liver. Drunken Shenanigans - - 2002-03-10

A chat with a British person on the effects of snack food. Conversations With a Squirrel - - 2001-08-05

Old Shit

No guarantee any of this stuff still works...

A short play I wrote. It's brilliant. Red Hot Fires of Hot Hotty Passion

Waterloo's online registration program sucks, and here's why. Quest Sucks Ass

The Sims as Real-Life Simulation The Sims

Rappas Do Shakespeare Rappas Do Shakespeare